Dedicated to artists, architects and technical designers everywhere – the Pilot drawing pen!

With fast-drying water and light-resistant pigment ink, you can create intricate and vivid drawings which will work with line-and-wash art techniques.

The durable polyacetal pen tip resists bending and lasts a long time, and with Pilot’s unique ink circulation system the pen is always kept fresh and ready for use, whenever and wherever you need it.

Sold as a set of five different tip sizes/line widths

  • 5mm/0.28mm
  • 6mm/0.35mm
  • 8mm/0.4mm
  • 0mm/0.5mm
  • 2mm/0.8mm

Drawing pen specific for Art & Crafts

Pilot uses wear resistant polyacetal tips to provide some of the most dependable and long-lasting felt tip pens on the market – multiple channel irrigation ensures that there is a constant flow of ink to the tip without leakage.

Ink colour – Black

Pilot Drawing pen 5 Piece set

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