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Empowering Creativity: How Thick as Thieves Streetwear & Graffiti Supplies Ltd Gives Back to the Community

diy graffiti wall out side shop

For six years, Thick as Thieves Streetwear & Graffiti Supplies Ltd has been more than just a business—it's been a hub of creativity and community in our town. From supplying the latest streetwear trends to providing top-quality graffiti supplies, our store has become a cornerstone for artists, enthusiasts, and anyone looking to express themselves through art. But beyond our role as a retailer, we've always believed in giving back to the community that has supported us wholeheartedly. This is the story of how our commitment to creativity and community led us to launch a GoFundMe campaign to create the Writer's Yard—a space where art knows no bounds.

About Thick as Thieves Streetwear & Graffiti Supplies Ltd

Thick as Thieves Streetwear & Graffiti Supplies Ltd was founded with a simple yet powerful vision: to provide a one-stop destination for streetwear fashion and graffiti art supplies while fostering a sense of community among like-minded individuals. From our latest streetwear releases to an extensive range of spray paints and markers, our store caters to the diverse needs of streetwear enthusiasts and graffiti artists alike. But more than just a retail space, Thick as Thieves has become a gathering place—a place where ideas are exchanged, friendships are formed, and creativity thrives.

Model wearing thick as thieves streewtwear in front of a graffiti wall

Our Commitment to Community

From day one, community has been at the heart of everything we do at Thick as Thieves. We believe that art has the power to unite and inspire, and we're dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to explore their creative passions. Whether through hosting graffiti workshops, collaborating with local artists, painting artwork into public spaces or organizing community events, we're constantly seeking ways to give back to the community that has given us so much.

 thick as thieves crew artist K9 spray painting a wall

The Birth of the Writer's Yard

Inspired by the desire to create a space where art could be celebrated and shared, we embarked on a journey to bring the Writer's Yard to life. Located within our store's Thick as Thieves garden space, the Writer's Yard is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity in our community. With the support of our customers and friends, we launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds needed to transform our vision into reality.

boards in the writers yard with graffiti

Why We Set Up the GoFundMe Campaign

The decision to launch a GoFundMe campaign was driven by our desire to involve the community in the creation of the Writer's Yard. We wanted to give our customers and supporters the opportunity to be a part of something meaningful—to contribute not only financially but also emotionally to a project that would benefit everyone in our community. We believed that by rallying together, we could create something truly special—a space where creativity could thrive and friendships could flourish.

The Progress of the GoFundMe Campaign

From the moment we launched our GoFundMe campaign, the response was overwhelming. Donations poured in from near and far, surpassing our initial goals within a matter of weeks. It was truly heart warming to see the outpouring of support from our community, and it served as a powerful reminder of the impact that collective action can have. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to make significant progress on the development of the Writer's Yard, bringing us one step closer to realizing our vision. We started by designing and building some mobile graffiti wall's for people to paint on.

graffiti wall boards made up and ready to spray

The Writer's Yard: A Safe and Legal Space for Creativity

Central to the ethos of the Writer's Yard is the belief that creativity thrives in a supportive and inclusive environment. We are proud to provide a safe and legal space for our customers to come and express their creativity freely. Whether they're seasoned artists or first-time taggers, everyone is welcome at the Writer's Yard. Through regular maintenance and community engagement, we have fostered a sense of ownership among our patrons, empowering them to take pride in their contributions to the space.

Continued Support and Future Development

While we've made tremendous progress on the Writer's Yard, our work is far from over. We recognize that there is still much to be done to fully realize the potential of this space—to expand and develop it into a true community hub for creativity and expression. That's why we're committed to continuing our fundraising efforts and remaining open to donations from anyone who shares our vision. Whether it's contributing financially, volunteering time and expertise, or simply spreading the word, every contribution makes a difference in our ability to create a space that benefits us all.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, our commitment to creativity and community remains unwavering. We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with our customers and give back to the community that has supported us from the very beginning. Whether through expanding the offerings at the Writer's Yard, partnering with local organizations, or launching new initiatives, we are dedicated to empowering creativity and inspiring positive change in our community and beyond.

In conclusion, Thick as Thieves Streetwear & Graffiti Supplies Ltd is more than just a store—it's a testament to the power of art, community, and collaboration. Through the creation of the Writer's Yard and our ongoing commitment to giving back, we have transformed our vision into reality, creating a space where creativity knows no bounds and everyone is welcome to express themselves freely. And as we continue on this journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the transformative power of creativity and community. Together, we can make a difference—one brushstroke at a time.

We would like to ask you kindly to consider making a donation to this worthy cause as we have already seen it made a difference to people by providing a safe and creative space to use at their leisure. It has also provided a creative outlet that has had a positive impact on metal health and wellbeing. We would like to keep this project developing so in can reach more goals and any help is much appreciated.


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