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Workshop Guidelines

You've secured your workshop spot—what's next?

To ensure a smooth process, please forward your chosen design to us a minimum of 24 hours before your workshop's scheduled commencement. To assist you, here are some helpful dos and don'ts:

1. **Plan Ahead:** Be sure to select and send us your design in a timely manner to avoid any last-minute hiccups.
2. **Clarity is Key:** Choose a clear, well-defined design that's easy to work with, enhancing your tufting experience.
3. **Follow the Deadline:** Stick to the 24-hour submission deadline to give us ample time to prepare.

1. **Last-Minute Rush:** Avoid sending your design at the eleventh hour; this could lead to unnecessary stress and complications.
2. **Complexity Overload:** Opt against overly intricate or convoluted designs that may hinder the tufting process.

By adhering to these guidelines, you'll ensure a productive and enjoyable rug tufting experience during your workshop.

Rug tufting Do's & Don'ts.
A guide to choosing the best artwork to create your custom rug

Selecting the Perfect Design


When envisioning your rug design for our rug tufting workshops, we'd like to offer some helpful pointers for your consideration.

  • We highly recommend opting for a design that leans toward simplicity, with fewer intricate details. Elaborate patterns, delicate lines, and tiny figures or text can pose challenges during the tufting process, potentially hindering your desired rug outcome. After you've chosen the design you wish to transform into a rug, our team will assess it and provide suggestions for simplification if necessary.


  • Please ensure that your design is captured from a frontal perspective; we are unable to work with images of rugs taken at an angle. For optimal results, provide a clear, head-on photograph. When sharing your design, we prefer a screenshot from your phone or a .jpg file format.


  • Colour selection will take place on the day of the workshop, so all we require is the fundamental outline. We will outline your canvas the day prior to your workshop session. With a diverse palette of over a hundred yarn colours at your disposal, there's ample room for creativity. It's advisable to have a rough idea of your colour preferences in mind when attending the workshop. However, please keep in mind that while we strive to offer a wide range of choices, we might not have every shade imaginable available.


Once you've settled on your design, kindly email it to us at, along with your order number as a reference. Unless there are specific issues with your design, you won't receive any further correspondence from us before your workshop, and the design you submit will be considered final.

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