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THICK AS THIEVES - Running a streetwear brand

A Day in the Life: Running a Streetwear Brand with Passion and Perseverance


Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Thick as Thieves Streetwear, where art, creativity, and community intertwine. In this blog post, we invite you on a journey through a typical day running our brand—from the initial design process to the challenges we face and the triumphs we celebrate. Running a streetwear brand is not just a job for us; it's a labor of love and a testament to the power of following our passion.

Designing the Vision:

Our day begins in our vibrant studio in Northern Ireland, where the air buzzes with creative energy. As graffiti artists and illustrators, we channel our collective imagination into crafting designs that capture the essence of street culture. Inspired by the dynamic urban landscapes and the rebellious spirit that surrounds us, we blend vivid colors, bold lines, and intricate details, infusing each piece with our artistic vision.

Bringing Art to Life:

Once the designs are finalized, the real magic begins. With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously print and embroider each garment ourselves, ensuring that our standards of quality are met every step of the way. From choosing the finest fabrics to mastering the techniques of screen printing and embroidery, we pour our heart and soul into every stitch, creating wearable works of art that tell a story.

Navigating the Challenges:

Running a streetwear brand is not without its challenges. We encounter obstacles along the way, from sourcing materials to managing inventory and finding the perfect balance between artistic expression and commercial viability. But it's during these moments that our passion and dedication truly shine. We tackle these hurdles head-on, finding innovative solutions and staying true to our vision. The road is not always smooth, but the challenges only make us stronger and more determined.

The Power of Community:

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Thick as Thieves is the strong sense of community we have built. We cherish the connections we forge with fellow artists, collaborators, and our loyal customers. Through our brand, we aim to inspire, uplift, and empower individuals who share our love for street culture. We actively engage with our local community, participating in local events, collaborating with like-minded artists, and seeking opportunities to give back. Together, we create a vibrant and inclusive space that fuels our creativity and strengthens our movement.

Celebrating the Victories:

Amidst the ups and downs of running a streetwear brand, there are countless moments of triumph that make it all worthwhile. The joy of seeing someone wear our clothing, the positive feedback from customers, and the sense of accomplishment when we overcome challenges—all these victories reinforce our belief in the power of following our dreams. Each success fuels our passion and pushes us to keep striving for greatness.


Running a streetwear brand is a labor of love, an artistic journey that we embark upon every day. From the initial spark of inspiration to the challenges we overcome, our dedication to Thick as Thieves Streetwear remains unwavering. It's a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unbreakable spirit of the street culture that we hold dear.

As we navigate the highs and lows, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure. Embrace the artistry, celebrate the community, and be a part of a movement that encourages self-expression and embraces the power of unity. Together, let's redefine the streetwear landscape and inspire a world where passion knows no bounds.


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