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Custom Rugs

We now make and stock hand made art rugs. We call them "Art Rugs" because that what they are, pieces of art in rug form. Custom design orders are accepted and you can submit your request by filling in the Form below. You can upload a picture of your design that you would like us to work from if you have one and we will work with you to make your custom rug.

A guide to sizes and prices are below:

2ft x 2ft - £100

3ft x 3ft - £150

4ft x 4ft - £200

5ft x 5ft - £250

(please be aware that this is a guide and prices may be more depending on the detail in the design)

We also have a number of ready made designs by us here at Thick As Thieves streetwear. All our rugs are shipped via courier, shipping prices vary on size, example price for a 2ft x 2ft rug shipped within the UK would be £12.80 and Europe £14.80

There are two different types of rug style's we offer -

Cut pile and loop pile 

The difference between the two can been seen here

Sketch Arrow 2
cut pile and loop pile rug differences

Submit custom rug request / quote

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